Monday, November 24, 2008

Good One!

So all you nay sayers of the internet I haven't been sharing the good stories. So here is a good story. I have been talking to a guy that I met online that is normal, cute, family man, active in the church and fun. We have been talking back and forth for several days. He has primary custody of his kids so we are going to meet this Saturday and go on a date. It is really fun to text back and forth with him and talk to him. I am excited for Saturday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Interesting day - Relection

So I know that this blog was orignally to post awkward dating moments but I get to post something different today. I was thinking about how my life was a year ago.

One year ago today I was married with two dogs. Managing a storage unit, in Spanish Fork, and living in the apartment there working every other week. I was watching my cute nephew Royal every other week and loving that. I was also helping out with my mom whenever I could. Mom had been in to have her port changed and wasn't doing great. Overall life was just interesting.


Divorced, living in Murray with 3 roommates, working for the state as a caseworker, going to a singles ward, learning how to date, going to therapy once a week, watching my dad date.

Life is different, and I have really hard days sometimes, like today. I am happy now.... much more so then I was a year ago.

I had a friend ask me yesterday for advice because it looks like she will be getting a divorce. I told her to get a good therapist and to know that even when you feel like everything is going well you will still have hard days. I use to think that because I was the one that asked for the divorce and that I really am happier then I was that I wouldn't have hard days. That I would be able to just keep going and be fine and dandy. The reality is that some days just stink! I had therapy yesterday and I just cried. I didn't realize how sad I was that day..... I am having a hard time with the holidays coming and figuring that all out. I feel like everyone else in my family has someone but me... which is hard. But knowing why i am sad is half the battle, cause then I can work on it.

The awkward/interesting part was that I also had ward temple night last night. I rode up to the Bountiful temple with a couple of girls in the ward.... one was my really good friend. I looked at her as I was walking into the temple and told her that I was not okay. She told me that she knows and then I started to cry. I cried all the way into the temple, all the way through changing, in the chapel and half way through the session. I felt bad for the people that I was sitting around as I kept sniffling and such. But it was a good cry cause I really felt a lot better. Then I took a mental health day today and didn't go to work.

So yes there are bad days, and yes some days feel overwhelming. But YES I am doing WAY better then I was and YES I am happy and finding joy in my life. I am grateful for family, friends, and my Savior which make it possible for me to get through all of the crap that I get to go through.

Sorry if this was some what depression but know that life is my dad always says.


So my roommate told me that I had to ammend my previous post. When I talked about how I found a way out of the talkers house I wasn't completely honest. So the way that I got out of the house was that when he was not paying attention I set an alarm on my cell phone so that it would go off in a few minutes. When my alarm went off I looked at my phone and told him that I had to go..... and made a get away. So it was pretty fun. I was trying to find a creative way to get out..... so that is how I did it. The great phone alarm.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Talker

So I met a guy online and we talked back and forth via the internet for a few days and then he gave me his number and told me to call. So I did... through some persuasion of my friend Rachel. We had a 2 hour phone conversation where he was mainly the one talking. And I thought... ah no big deal I wasn't really in the talking mood. So then he called me at his lunch break the next day and we talked for a little while. And we learned that we lived really close to each other... like 5 blocks away. So then that evening he called and we started to chat again. Again it was pretty one sided and I wondered if it would be different in person. So I asked if I could come over and he said yes. So I went over to his house and he took 2 hours to show me all the antiques and coin collection and jewelry collections that he had. And told me about the antique shows, garage sales and of course the DI were he was able to make all of these great purchases. I was bored out of my mind. So much so that I decided to go home and came up with a way to go home.... :) oh the joys.

On another note there is a guy that I have been hanging out with a lot that I am kind of interested in.... but of course I have NO idea what in the world he is thinking.. UGH! Boys....

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Car

For those of you who have never seen my car it is a piece of crap :) but i don't have a car payment and that is what matters. i bought it last December for $1200 and it is still running. So I keep on driving. Well I have been having to replace one tire at a time and on Sunday the tire fair came again to take a tire away.

My Back seat of the car, folded down with all the crap.... you can kinda see the tire.

I got up and got ready for church and I looked cute. I had even straightened my hair. Well then I ra over for presidency meeting for the RS presidency. As i pulled up to the presidents house i felt my tire go. Sure enought there was a hole in the side wall. Well it was time for my meeting and I really didn't want to deal with it yet. So I go in for the meeting and when we are done with the meeting it is raining. Of Course.

The great part is that my trunk does not open any more and that there is a ton of junk in the trunk of my car. So I have to put the seat down and then pull everything out of my trunk and throw it onto the seats.

I then crawled into the trunk to see if there was a release latch to open it...... there was not..... PS I was in a knee length skirt and knee high boots....with 4 inch heels.... not the most practical clothing for changing a tire. We, Jae from my ward was helping me at this point, pull the tire out through the back seat. However, my lug nut thing is no where to be found. So Jae went to see if she had one that would work. We found one. So then you have me in my skirt and boots jumping on the lug nut thing to loosen the lug nuts.... in the pouring rain. It was great fun.

I got them all loosened and then had to sit my butt down on the ground to try and get the jack in place. It was not cooperating with me. I was getting drenched... or was.... and frustrated. Then this nice guy who lived next door to where my meeting was came out all bundled up and asked if he could help. Being me I was about to say No thanks.... but then I stopped and said, "Yea that would be great" The nice guy finished changing my tire for me. I need to take him cookies. I wish I had pictures of me in the rain... but all you get is pictures of all the crap pulled from my trunk.