Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life changes

So I was just reading a comment on here from a dear friend who moved away. She commented that she thought this blog was going to be all about funny dating stories. And that is how it started out..... but in dating I met a wonderful man. So know it is just about our lives. So this last weekend Kevin's sister got married. I help with decorations and stuff at the reception and the clean up. After all of this I think I just want to elope. I know his sister enjoyed her day and I know if I did all of that I would to. But I don't think I want to make everyone else work that hard. We still don't know when we are getting married. Waiting on clearance to set a date. The paperwork is with the Bishop at this point, we have done what we can and we will just keep prodding or asking him.

Kevin's girls are out of town this week. They are up camping with their mom and her family. So Kevin and I went and saw a movie and went to dinner last night. It was really fun. Most evenings that he has off from work we have the girls for a while at least or they spend the night. They are adorable and fun. We just had some pictures taken so as soon as I get them I will post them for all to see what my cute little family is going to look like when I get married. Which reminds me... as we were driving to Kev's sister's wedding we were talking about that we wouldn't have to do this stuff again for awhile. And Danni (4 years old) says yea until WE get married right? Kev was like well until Megan and I get married. I told Danni she was right. Until WE get married cause all of us are going to be a family. Then Kaylee (7) says all of us in this car are going to be a family right? I agreed. Kids.... I love having them and doing things with them. However, I definitely didn't realize how TIRED I can be at the end of the day. Go Moms! You are all amazing!