Monday, February 23, 2009


So I have gone out with him 2 more times. His name is Kevin. Who knows..... I am confused. And I have a guy who is living in Oregon who wants to date me and is a sweetheart. Oh the joys of the confusing world of being single. Somebody help me!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So I signed up for Eharmony and had my first date from it last week. Sorry I didn't blog sooner but I went on vacation. So he was a super sweet guy. In our emails before hand he had asked a lot of my favorites. So he showed up at the door with gerber favorite flowers. He opened all the doors for me and led me in the rooms etc. He was a perfect gentleman. It was really great. But I am not sure what I think... so I don't know whether I should go out with him again or not. I haven't decided. So we went out to dinner and then a movie, he took me to Bride Wars, definitely trying to win points. Then as we were leaving the movie he rubbed his eye and lost his contact. He found it for a second and then lost it again. It wasn't even like I could really assist him in looking for it because it fell into his lap. AWKWARD! so then he couldn't really see and was trying to drive. So I told him I would run him home so he could get his glasses and then he could drive me home. He finally agreed cause he couldn't see. So I ended up driving him home to Bountiful and then he drove me back. So it was kind of humorous. He wanted to kiss me at least I think so, but I wasn't there so he kissed me on the forehead. He was a super nice guy and I had a good time but I don't know that I feel it. So I also have to retract what I have told to a lot of people. I have said that if a guy wants to kiss me I am going to kiss him. That didn't happen. So I guess I will kiss a guy sometimes but not all the time... who knows. Oh the joys... nice guy, great date, not really sure. So I think I am done.... dang.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Can guys and girls be just friends?

The debate for the day entails whether guys and girls can be just friends. One friend argues yes but you have to go through the awkward figuring out phase. Another, says YES, I have tons of friends. I say, if you know you don't have a chance then you can just be friends.... not to say that I don't have some guy friends that I know there is no chance that I am not completely attracted to. There are several guy friends that I am just friends with and we talk about who they are interested in but I would still TOTALLY make out with them if they wanted to. :) So what do you think.... can guys and girls be just friends, or are they attracted to each other in some way with the hopes that something more can be there?