Thursday, April 23, 2009


So Kevin is the boy in my life. He is so good to me and makes me smile. He was gone for a week and I honestly didn't think I was going to miss him, or at least not much while he was gone... ahhh.... I was wrong!! I missed him like CRAZY, and luckily he is home now! I got to see him and spend most of the day with him yesterday. And I even told him that I think I am falling in love with him. He got a big cute goofy grin on his face and said he thought he was too. Then he told me he is the luckiest guy in the world and the I am the greatest girl in the world. Then he giggled a little and said... "you just said the l word." He knows this is huge... as it is... because he has seen me FREAK out... and not to long ago at that. But all in all I would have to say that things are going well and that I really am liking this boy..... a lot.....


San Francisco

So this last weekend my roommate Julie and I flew to San Francisco for the day. Yes just the day. Kevin, my boyfriend, works for Skywest and was able to get us some buddy passes. When Julie broke up with her boyfriend Kevin asked her if she wanted to go on a trip with me to make it all better. Of Course she and I both said yes.

So Kevin was gone for a week in Disneyland, though I had been invited I couldn't quite fannagel it. So we went to San Francisco instead... great pictures done by Julie on facebook. We left the airport in SLC at noon and were in SF by 1pm. We rode the bus from the airport to downtown. Then walked a few blocks and jumped on a trolley.

The first stop of course was Lombard street. For those of you who do not know what lombard street is... it is the crookedest road in the world I believe. Anyway Julie couldn't stop giggling she thought it was the funniest little road. Julie had never been to SF before. Then because it was all downhill to fisherman's wharf we walked. We ate a scrumptious lunch and walked all around. We saw the sea lions on Pier 39... one was mean and was pushing the others off. Then we walked all the way out to this point which had an amazing view of the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz. It was a beautiful day.

Then we walked up to Fort Mason and sat in the park while Julie looked at cute guys playing sports. Then we went over to Ghiradelli Square and SMELLED the chocolate... it was delicious! Then we walked back down to Fisherman's Wharf. Then caught a cable car back up to the bus stop and got a bus back to the airport.

We made it on to the flight home... because of course when you are flying standby there is always the chance you won't make the flight. But we did. So we are sitting on the plane and they go to turn it on and all the power goes off. This happens several times and then the pilot gets on and states.... "The power keeps going out and so we have a mechanic coming over to look at it" Julie and I think we are hilarious at this point and decide that they just need to bring another plane over with jumper cables. The people around us didn't think we were funny as it continued to get warmer and warmer in the plane without any power. But alas the mechanics fixed whatever the problem was and we did not crash with a power outage.

We got on a plan right before 9pm and we were home around 11pm that night. It was a great little day trip. Thanks to sweet Kevin and his buddy passes. Thanks Julie it was a great day that I will not forget.....especially that building with 60 stories. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Slacker I am!

I know I know, I have not been good about blogging. There has been a lot of stuff happening.

Morgan and Jennie had there 3rd little man to see pictures here is their blog

Dad & Vicki got married in February and we got some pictures. Sausha already blogged about it so here is their blog

Zach & Meredith moved a couple of houses down from me and I LOVE it! I don't see them really any more but it is nice to know they are close.

I cut my hair off. For those of you who know me I ususally cut my hair off during stressful times in my life. My family made sure that when mom passed away and I got divorced that I didn't cut my hair. So a year and some later I finally choose to cut my hair. My friend Leah is a rockstar and did a great job. here are some pics.

Today is 2 months since I went on my first date with Kevin. Things are still going well nad I am having a good time. We are even doing Easter stuff with each other's families. Kevin is a sweetheart and is so sweet to me. So that is good. I don't know what else to say about that.

I continue to work out at the gym. I haven't lost tons and tons of weight but we measured the other day and I have lost 3 inches on my hips! YEAH! I was a little excited about that.

Overall life is good. I will try and be a little better about blogging for all of you. Unfortunately I haven't had many really awkward moments lately :) but I will work on it so that I can entertain you all.