Friday, December 4, 2009

been missing

SO I know I have been missing from the blogging world. I will be definitely getting more pictures up soon. I have been doing the HCG diet over the last couple of weeks which is taking more time cause I am actually cooking. And I am just way busy as of late. I only got to see Kevin and Danniqa for a whole half hour on my birthday because work was sooooooo crazy. So I am also having a hard time balancing everything and figuring how to do it all. But today was fun.... here is a run down of what we did.

Wake up 8 am.
Read for a while, clean house.
9:30am Kevin came over.
9:45 go pick up Danniqa from her grandmas
Go to Target and Walmart in order to find stuff for Christmas
Go thru the drive thru at McDonald's for lunch for Kev and Danni.... I ate something different
Come home drop the Christmas tree off and get it in the stand.
Go to Kevin's parents house and get some Christmas decorations
Come home and put lights on teh tree, realize we don't have enough and send Kev back to the store.
Danniqa and I then make paper plate angels, paper plate snowman, a cone santa claus while waiting for Kevin.
Then finish putting the lights on.
Danniqa then put the ornaments on the tree they are in a small square space on the lower part of the tree.
Make popcorn garland - Danni didn't want to so she went downstairs to play.
Danni came up and told me she wants to watch a movie with me.... She wants me to lay down on the couch and she snuggles up with me and "watches" a movie.... she was asleep before the previews were over.
Make dinner
Finish the garland
Feed everyone
Do dishes
Have Danni change into Pj.
Send Kevin back to the store for something else I forgot
Read a book, an article from the friend and a chapter from scriptures with Danni. (She is getting so good and is reading more and more words on her own!)
Tuck Danni in bed.
Sit down on the couch at 7:45pm and wonder were the day has gone and realized I got NO work done today.... oopps.

How do mom's do it!!!!
It has been a very fun day. Christmas is up and I am excited about it.