Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just a day

By the end of Wednesday's I am ususally really tired. I watch my friends little 7 month old Bryton, My 2 year old nephew Royal and then I get to have Danniqa with me which is fun. I am always amazed between, feeding, naps, gymnastics, entertaining and etc how tired I am at the end of the day. Mom's I think you are great! So here was a little fun we had yesterday. We went to the park and found some great piles of leaves on the way.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Canada in November

We decided to go to Canada for a few days before Christmas to see Kevin's mom and his sister Becky and her family. We were only there for a couple fo days but we did go to Banff which is a resort town now far from were Becky lives. So we were in Calagary most of the time were Becky lives but here are some great pictures of Banff.

Bow falls in Banff

The man made lake and park by Becky's house. It was a beautiful day and we went for a walk.

Kevin's birthday

Kevin turned 35 yrs old on Oct 23rd.
Danniqa and I woke up and called Kevin. We told him not to come over until we called him. Then we decorated teh house, made him a cake and a card. Then he came over for some fun :)

I surprised Kevin with tickets to the BYU vs UofU game. He was pretty excited.

We went to breakfast at IHOP

We went to Cornbell's down at Thanksgiving point for the day. Danni was so excited about the Cinderally pumpkin. She ended up getting a little sick and we had to come home. But we had fun while we were there.

The cake Danniqa and I made for Kevin. He loves Spiderman

Dinner with Kev's family.