Sunday, May 30, 2010


And we conitnue to wait. If the clearance letter is not in the next mail day, Which is Tuesday Jun 1st then we will most likely not be getting married on Jun 11th. I am a bit of a nervous wreck. I asked Kevin the other day if he ever gets stressed about anything adn his answer of course was no. He told me to stop worrying and stressing over it because we can't do anything about it anyway. Well for me that doesn't help. I wait with baited breath for the mail to come. And then over the past couple of days all I want to do is cry when it isn't there. Today I went to church but had to leave early because everyone kept asking if we had heard and I seriously was about ready to BURST into tears. Now if I was still in the University 30th ward no big deal I have done that there more then once. But these lovelies in Bountiful have not had the pleasure of me in hysterics at chuch.

So who knows what will happen. I know we will wait until we can get married in the temple. But with family in Canada and Blanding and everyone's schedules who knows when the next date to have people there will be. Hopefully it is in the mail on Tuesday. If not I really do know it will work out. But I just wish it would happen sooner.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Preschool graduate

Danniqa graduated from preschool yesterday. She has been with Ms. Teia for two years now. She loves Ms. Teia, and we all love Ms. Teia. She has done a great job.

This is the first time that Danniqa actually sang the song and didn't cover her mouth or hide so we were really excited. Here is her whole class.

And here are the people that came to watch her. Danni didn't want to have her picture taken with Dad. She was being silly.

Preschool field trip

I was able to go with Danni on her last Preschool field trip. She was lucky she had her mom, me and dad all go. We went out to a farm where they had some cute animals. Danni didn't really want to touch them but here are a few pictures.

Mother's Day Surprise

I came home on Wednesday and at 4am on Friday before mother's day I was back in the airport. The week before I was sitting with Kevin and asked how long it had been since his Mom, Karen, had been able to spend mother's day with all three of her kids. He guessed it was before he went on his mission, Kev is now 35. So I got on the phone and called Melissa to see if she could take Friday off work. Then we called Rebecca and see if she could help us suprise Karen. Karen was planning on being at Becky's house for mother's day. And there were open flights. YEA the plan was in action.

So Melissa, Kevin and I head to the airport at 4 am on Friday before mother's day. We fly standby so we only make it on the flights if there is openings. As we sit there we watch the number of open seats go down and down, realizing that all of us were not going to make it on the flight. The counter calls us up and says that they can get one of us on the flight, and that most of the flights are booked for that day. I tell them to send Melissa and give her Karen's gift in case we can't make it. And tell her we will try for the next flight. Off Melissa goes and Kevin and I start waiting for the next flight an hour later.

Melissa makes it to Denver and is waiting for her flight to Canada. We make it on the second flight, knowing we will be coming in a few minutes to late to make the Canada flight and will have to wait in the Denver airport for 4 hours. But alas, our flight some how gets ahead of schedule. As we land we call to Melissa and ask her what gate she is at. She tells us and says she is going to ask them to hold the plane. They will not but they will be ready for us if we make. As we wait to get off the plane we are nervously wondering if we will make it. We jump off the plane and RUN down the halls, and get to our plane just in time as they close the gates behind us... we had made it....seriously in the nick of time.

While all this is going on Becky is trying to keep the fact that we are coming a secret from her mom, and even her kids know. Brad, Becky's husband, comes to the airport and picks us up and he and Becky have arranged for us to meet in the food court at the mall. It was perfect.

And I got the picture of her face as she recognized us. It was so great! She was so happy. And it to was a fast trip we were there on Friday and Saturday and left on Sunday before everyone was up. But Kev's grandma was also in town so we got to get some pictures with her. It was a perfect gift for Mother's Day. And Karen was definitely surprised.

But after spending days in airports and traveling I was happy to be home.

Portland OR

So I went to Portland with my sister and her sweet little girl. I have to admit the last time Sausha and I went on a trip with just the two of us we fought most of the time. It was 7 years ago though, at least that is what I think Sausha said it was....maybe 5 or 6. So we both have had some time to grow up.

This little girl was so good that most people didn't even know she was on the plane. She didn't cry at all. And I had so much fun spending time and getting to know this cute little one.

It was a very quick trip. We decided Sunday night to go because Sausha was feeling better and we came home on Wednesday because the flights looked better then Thursday. Thanks to my cute honey with the flight benefits it was possible though.

Most importantly we got to see my grandparents which was the whole reason we went. And we saw a few other family members. Next time we will plan further ahead and get to see more family.

It was quick but well worth it.

Monday, May 3, 2010


So not to sound like I am really angry cause I am not... luckily others have gotten angry for me. But we just found out last night that the Bishop hadn't passed the papers on to the Stake President until Saturday. We met with the Stake President yesterday and he wrote his letter last night and is hand delivering the papers to the church office building today. He said that we still have a highly likely chance that we can get married on June 11th but reminded me that there is no guarentee. So please send your prayers, good thoughts, energy whatever you believe in that we will be able to get married on June 11th.

Portland - flying.

So Kevin works for skywest so we get some flight benefits which I really enjoy. Sausha and I had planned to leave Friday April 30 to go to Portland but she got really sick with a bad ear infection so we cancelled our plans. The Sunday night Sausha calls me adn asks what my week is like. So we decide why not jump on a plan in the morning adn head up to Portland. I am currently sitting in the Denver airport with Sausha and Esther headed to Portland. Lets hope we make the next flight.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Princess Party

So I signed up on and they have a calendar which lists all the fun things going on in the area. I saw the princess party and decided that it would be fun. So I asked Kevin's sister Melissa if she wanted to go with us. It was a ton of fun. It was just at a little preschool place to raise some money.

Kevin's sister went with us. She also got her nails painted and overall just got to be pampered and act like a princess.... she may have been spoiled a little.

She got her hair done like a princess and got to make a Tiara.

The fairy godmother was her favorite even out of all the princesses. Also this cute little shetland pony was in the petting forest, and it is only 3 weeks old. It was so cute.


So this time when we were in the car and the muffin man song came on.....she sang "yes, yes, yes" to the tune. :) Don't you wish you just had a video camera on your kids all the time and someone else just edited the cute parts so that we could have them forever.