Thursday, February 25, 2010


So I have lost a little bit of weight. I have a hard time seeing that there is truly a difference from where I use to be. I was telling my sister this today and she told me to look at pictures. So here we go. I still have more to lose but at least I am losing.

This first picture is of me right after my mom's funeral and while getting a divorce. So January 2008

This is me today. I had Kevin take some pictures. Also I dyed my hair last night. Kevin really likes it....luckily.

Baby Esther

PS my sister had her cute little baby. Esther Aleen Christensen was born 2/17/2010. She weighed 7lbs 3 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. This is the only picture I have of her so far. But she is SOO adorable. Mom and baby are both doing well.


No we don't have a date yet. But hopefully some day we will. I am having my dress made though so that I get exactly what I want. And so I had a dress fitting this week. It was exciting because she also started the measurements before I started losing weight. So it was really big on me. But here are some pictures. It isn't done as you can tell. On the bottom the satin will be about half that length hanging out and then there will be toole sticking out the bottom. I will also be wearing red heels. And I just dyed my hair darker. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dress.

Anyway as you can tell there isn't much traditional about my dress. But I love it. It is exactly what I want.


So Kevin got his tax return which means we have money to go and buy a hopefully that will happen so. But who knows. But here is the ring I have picked out. If any of you saw a ring before this is different then the one before. But here it is.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Possible cure for MS

So I was watching the news after some television shows on Thursday night. While watching there was a lady that has been on experimental medication and she had gone from not having sensations in her feet and hands and horrible tremors and other things and all of these were reversed through this medication. So as I was watching this I thought this was amazing and I would love to see a cure occur for this disease and at the same time I was mad that two years after my mom passed away there was now possibly a cure. UGH! So then I was sad but then my crazy mind started going....ask my dad I get a little crazy in my thought patterns. So then I started into that I was sad my mom was gone, but if my mom wasn't gone then we wouldn't have Vicki in our lives and I am SOOO grateful for her and love her. but then I started feeling guilty that I was possibly happy to have Vicki which meant I didn't have my mom. So that is where my crazy mind starts going and cycling around and around. So on Friday I had to call my dad and get a reality check. And luckily he was able to give it to me.

I definitely miss my mom and would love to have her here, especially if she was healthy and doing well. And I definitely am very grateful for the blessing of Vicki in my life. She is wonderful and makes my life easier. I am also very grateful for sweet Kevin who doesn't always know what to do with me but held me and let me cry. Then of course there is my dad who will tell me what the truth is and give me a reality check.

Though life isn't always easy I am blessed!

Vegas and camera

We were getting ready to go to Vegas and all of a sudden I realized I couldn't find my camera. I looked high and low and thought about where I was going and when I last had it. I looked outside and was driving Kevin crazy cause I couldn't find the camera..... luckily my neighbor found it outside and returned it. However, I didn't get it back until after I was back from Vegas so no pictures.

We were going down to Vegas with some of our friends. We were set up so that I took Kevin to work and then was going to pick him up on the way out of town. However, when I got there to pick him up I realized I had left some stuff at home so had to turn around and come back. (No we aren't married yet but we just have one car between the two of us).

We had a great time, didn't do a whole lot but lay around. We did go to the aquarium at the Mandlay Bay and that was pretty amazing. However, every time we walked by a wedding chapel I would look at Kevin and say....well should we.... come on... or some stupid statement about just getting married. Kevin would answer "my mom would kill me." So I thought it would b e funny to tell my family we had just gotten married. Sausha didn't believe for a second and called me a liar....of course I did it through text message as opposed to calling. My dad at least played a long for a while but when he told me great now he didn't have to give me any money I told him I was lying.
We were just gone for a couple of days but it was good to get away for a little while. Now we are back and back to work.

thinking about blogging

So I was laying in bed thinking about blogging and what I needed to write and how I should write it. That is when I knew it that I hadn't blogged in a while and needed to get back to writting. So my computers back and now I need to get back into the habit again.