Thursday, March 12, 2009


So I know that I haven't written in a little while but it is partly because I wasn't sure what to say. Kevin and I are still going out on dates. :) So we see a each other a couple days a week. So I guess technically I would have to say I have a boyfriend.... ahhh! That is pretty crazy. I am going to meet his all of his friends this weekend, which is a little intimidating. The crazy part is he is a VERY sweet guy. I think the reason I was having such a hard time before is I couldn't trust that he was really nice. However, he is not just nice and sweet to me but to everyone else around us. So I am committed to NOT analyzing every little thing and just having a good time. Which is sometimes hard for me but I am having more fun cause I am just relaxing. But it kind of freaks me out a little. So for now I am just enjoying my time.Oh yea he took me to the Rascal Flatts concert. He had purchased tickets up in the upper bowl but there was a curtain there and so they moved us down to the 4th row. We had the best seats and had a ton of fun. It was amazing!

Ripped pants

So I was at work this week and had been down at a meeting in American Fork. As I was leaving and got in my car something didn't feel quite right. However, I drove back up to SLC and didn't think anything about it until later, when my supervisor said something. What she said was "do you realize your britches are torn?" Of course I said no and then stuck my hand on the back of my pants and felt a HUGE rip. Oh the joys of my life.