Wednesday, October 29, 2008

partners 4 life????

So I have been feeling like I shouldn't blog because I don't have pictures... but then I realized I don't have a camera... so maybe someday you will get pictures.

So I met up with a guy that I had met on I had text messaged him for a few days and then he was going to be down here from Idaho. We had set up plans but then I ditched out because I had a cute boy that I already know what to go and play. Then I felt bad so I told this guy that I would meet him on temple square on Sunday just to get to know each other. He was really nice, a complete gentleman and I enjoyed talking to him. When it was time to go he wanted a kiss. I put my head on his shoulder and then thought.... why not... so I kissed him. Well then 2 days later he is texting me and he wanted to know what time my lunch was. I told him I didn't have one that day because I had therapy. He asked me why I needed to go to therapy and if he could be my therapist. I told him I was going cause I needed to and that I liked my therapist. He asked again why I was going to therapy. I told him that it was because I had some stuff I needed to work on and could we just leave it at that. He then said that we needed to talk about these things so that we could be the best partners 4 each other 4 life.

At this point I was kind of freaking out and didn't respond for several hours. Finally I just told him that I just wanted to be friends but that it was fun to meet him. My roommates told me that he was confused because I had kissed him. I don't understand this. It was just a friendly peck not like a make out session. Can't you kiss someone and not marry them... seriously! So then he asked why and I didn't really respond.

On Saturday he started texting me again and wanted to understand why I just wanted to be friends. I told him it was hard to explain. He asked me to try. So I told him that I just hadn't felt the chemistry when we kissed and that I thought he was ready for more in a relationship then I was. That I was sorry if he thought the kiss meant more. He said that he understood and wished me the best.

So ..... whatever.... I guess I can't just kiss a guy to kiss a guy... though it was fun! Guess I just have to be more careful with who I am kissing.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


So I am online and someone starts a chat with me. So of course I answer.... then I go and read his profile this is what it said.... I couldn't even try and describe it so I am copying it and pasting....

A little about me...
you want to know me than marry me its that simple just do it no wasting my time or yours just up and say yes then hop a darn plane boat float walk on water just get here and marry me stop fooling around you want kids a family than marry me no more BS I will nolonger be searching I will just tell my father to wipe out all living thing on this planet and start over havent you seen the signs we have been showing you for years straiten up or die you have only till i find my bride then pooth times up good by JUDGEMENT TIME the Books are opened You get your just rewards my father and i have a bet I told him not even 144000 are truly holy rightous people he believes it will be that the rest will Burn in HELL Choices people Choices its your fault not your parents thats why we gave you free thought you chose to be holy rightous people b8ut You refuse to walk in the path I set out for you remember the gate is broad that leads to distruction and many be that find it the gate is narrow that leads to everlasting life and few be that find it

How I feel about the Church...
[oh harlet of a nation you abomination your stench has reached my nostrils your evil has reached heaven you have defiled your women you have turned your men into drunkards oh how i wish i had never created you or thought to speak your name you den of vipors harken to my words the end is near you have one last chance to turn from your iniquity turn away from your sins heed my warning repent or face my judgment I AM Your GOD Turn Now away from Your Evil Torn Back to My Precepts
how long have i waited for my bride it has been 2000 years since we have been together how long shall i wait your women are deceatful no longer virgins come out of the filth my bride and i will make you white as snow harken not to the ways of the deciever come to me my pure bride You are pure as my robe your lips soft as the pettles on the folineces flow my heart longs to hear your voice again oh my beautiful bride where are you come to me my virgin bride and we will raise a King to rule these people]

What I do for fun...
my bride is a virgin never been touched any human male she is smart and knows I am lord she does as i say never raises her voice to me she is attentive keeps a clean house she is healthy using only healthy foods like saleds chicken fish turkey onions garlic wheat for making breads she is a good seamstress and loves to make me happy my bride is unlike the females of this planet she is perfect i know you are out there somewhare just remember the time we danced on jupiter and i caught you a sun flare remember how all of heaven joyed at your beauty how we loved each other and swore we would meet here in this time this year please remember my precious my sweet dliapionia raham se pash onmin do tra su trieas my bride there is much work to do so hurry time is almost winding down my work is harder this time around the people of this world hate each other they cheat rob steal raise there children to be just as evil as they are destroying this world i have made for them they do not keep my comandments or statuets they have gone estray oh my bride please come to me im calling for you through the stars please come home so we can leave this planet before my father destroys them he has given me only 4 years to find you please hurry

..... Seriously... I couldn't tell if he was joking or not. He lives in Alaska and is 42 and never been married... ugh.....and can we say punctuation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Friends story

So more online dating fun. I was talking to my friend and she is a little older then me. She is dating online and she was excited to go out with a widower as opposed to a divorced guy. So they went out and he was a little interesting but then he invited her back to his house. It had been an ok time so she went over there. As soon as they walk into the house there is this big picture of his wife with a major 80s hair do... underneath her picture is her funeral program. She had passed away 6 weeks before hand. Now I know some of you may freak out over that but really it isn't that big of a deal... my father was also dating 6 weeks after my mom passed away.

Then they sit down on the couch and he picks up her feet and picks up some lotion. He says that he use to massage his wife's feet all the time, and he hoped she didn't think it was weird. So he massages her feet and she is a little weirded out. Then he says hold on just a second. And my friend is ready to walk out but giving himself the benefit of the doubt. So then he comes out and says I hope this isn't weird. And he holds up a fake hair piece and says ... look your hair is almost an exact match to my wife's hair. She said good-bye and left. Oh the joys... she was definitely weirded out by this guy. He was an interesting duck.

So definitely online dating is fun. I have had 2 guys in two days try and get me to go and meet them to make out with them when I had started talking to them 2 minutes before. Of course I told them no... even though I could use a good make out session. But I would like to know them for a little while first :) .

Hope you have fun ready of dating woes. Nothing else is quite as exciting as dating at this point in time in my life. However, I am learning to budget and take care of my money... If anyone wants a great way to do so check out Dave Ramsey's financial peace university. It is amazing!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Loves the Office, Loves to Camp

Fine!! Megan is wannying about lack of posts, so ode to her last post I have decided to write my own profile if I was on *Disclaimer: If you see anyone like this on there, I am not admitting to anything!*

Name: Melanie S., Mel, Snit, Snitters, Snitty Magee, Maleficent, hey you, or little puke.
Height: Really tall....if I have my really tall shoes on.
Weight: More than yesterday
Age: Guess. . .
Income: I work for the state...that answer your question?
Hair color: Changes month to month
Teeth: I hope they are white, depends on what I have been eating
Toe nail polish: Poor at the moment, time for a pedicure
Legs: Chicken
Stomach: Hungry
Arms: No, I don't believe in killing things
Things I like: Moola, ghetto weddings (I have had four), YOU-where would you like to meet?, camping, mmmm and I love The Office!!
Things I don't like: Your teeth, being told no, and Cottage Cheese.

I will meet you in a public place at a busy time. If I don't show, I have come incognito and you are just too darn ugly!

To spice up your own life, please log on!
I will be waiting. . .

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Online Dating?!?

So apparently my friends don't have as many awkward moments as I do....because they haven't posted. I am going to share about some fun times this last weekend. Through some convincing of a good friend of mine I have signed up for internet dating....oh the joys. For those of you who don't know I met my ex online. SO I was really nervous about signing up. However, I am on the older end of the singles ward and so I decided to see how many older guys were online. There is quite a few. So I am now on LDS singles. However, being online is a totally different world. So there have been several guys whom I have started to talk to. The first guy who started to talk to me was interesting. He wanted to know if I would cuddle with him. I was thinking....cuddling...that is fun. But when I tried to get him to meet somewhere he said he didn't want to do that. He just wanted to either meet at my house or his and wanted to know if I had a long couch or a bed. He then started to talk more and I realized he did want to just cuddle. Ugh! I didn't talk to him any more. However, he told me that touching over the clothes is light petting and you don't have to talk to the Bishop so he would never touch under the clothes. Then he would have to talk to the Bishop. Who really thinks that. Oh well.... all done talking to him. And that was on LDSsingles. What in the world. I am so not very interested in this but there are some funny people.

The other thing I noticed on LDSsingles is that a guy that is a little bigger or heavier writes down that they are average. And a girl will write down that she is above average, even though they are about the same size. It is interesting to see how people describe themselves and how our world colors the way we look at ourselves. Especially how girls and guys look at themselves differently. The world of dating... oh the fun.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Driving home

So I am driving home last night at about 11:30pm. I am on State street about to turn on to Vine street which is where I live...for all of you who do not know this. I am right before the light and there is a guy in a pick up truck and he waves at me. Being the nice person that I am I wave back. At this point I am stopped at the light in the turn lane. It is red but the other lights in that direction are green. He all of a sudden turns left from the center lane onto Vine street and stops and is waiting for me. At this point I am like, I wonder if I have a flat tire or something that he wants to tell me about. So I start to turn the corner, now that the light is green, and he is waving for me to stop and roll down my window. So I reach across and roll my passenger window down slightly to see what this gentleman wants. At this point he states " You are so beautiful. Are you single?" I smile at him and say thank you and have a great night.... he kind of smiles.... as I drive away. I must say it felt kind of good to be told that I was beautiful by a cute guy driving down state street. However, it was also some what creepy and I must admit I was asking myself if he was drunk. I also made sure he wasn't following me home as I drove, he did get back on to state street so that was a good thing.