Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So I have been a bit of a slacker as of late. So I went on the date with the Good one that I met from online. Had a great time. Had talked to him most of the week and was really enjoying getting to know him and talking to him. However, it is apparent that he did not enjoy it as much..... cause low and behold, I have not heard from him again. Oh well, he was a good distraction over Thanksgiving.

Antique guy called again out of the blue. I hadn't heard from him in weeks and I figured he realized I wasn't interested. This was not the truth however. Luckily I didn't hear my phone ring. I was at my friend Larissa's house and looked down and I had a voicemail. As I was listening to the message I was making faces.... I did not know this be Larissa informed me of such when she asked who was it. I guess I had the disgusted look on my face. Antique guy said that he couldn't remember if he had told me he was going to be out of town for a few weeks or not but that he had just gotten back and wanted to let me know. Ugh... why do I attract the creepies.

So another fun thing happened this past weekend. Yes I know I am 29 now. And this is the age that all of my mother's friends perpetually were when I was growing up and so I am feeling some what old. So in order to make myself feel younger I was kind of interested in a guy that was MUCH younger then I was. We have been good friends and I felt really safe with him. We have been hanging out a lot but he would never ask me out on a date. So Saturday night I finally got up the nerve. I ask "Why won't you date me?" Yes, this did take weeks of preparation to be able to get this simple phrase out of my mouth. Did I really want to know the answer.... In this case I did. So I think the main reason, which he didn't say is because oh yea.... he is 20 and I am 29! A bit of an age difference. Anyway he said that he really likes me and enjoys being with me. But that we clash in some ways but still wants me as a best friend. Anyway I am totally ok with this and we have hung out ever day since. Boys... what do you do. But again.... the boy is 20! I could have babysat him.... and he would have been in 6th grade when I graduated from High school... What was I thinking.

Oh well....... Now I have to find another way to find boys... Any suggestions?