Friday, June 19, 2009

The DR

Thanks to Erin and her Aunt the four of us went to the Dominican Republic for a week. It was so much fun and very relaxing. Erin and Kristie left 12 hours before Julie and I and we got there a few minutes before them. It was acutally a great trip. We got to visit some things and mostly I laid by the beach, the pool and read in my room. I loved the relaxing it was definitely needed.

The view from our Balcony.... it was great to just sit out there.

Some of the scenery that we saw... there of course was a lot more.

Danni day

Danniqa turned 4 years old on June 5th. It was a great day. We started out with breakfast. Kevin had asked Danni if she wanted to go to breakfast with him on her birthday and she said yes.... then asked "And Megan?" and so I got to go as well.

Then we went to the Zoo with my nephews, sister-in-laws and Vicki. It was a ton of fun. It rained but we saw lots of great animals.

Danni's Mom made Danni a beach cake... that is what Danni asked for this cake, it was really cute.

Danni had lots of friends and family over and got lots of new toys which she was excited about.

A day at Lagoon

So Kevin and I took Danni to Lagoon today. Makayla was also there with her dad Dave, and we ran into some of their friends. We all have season passes which makes it easy to run up. Also it makes it nice when we are there because we don't feel like we have to do EVERYTHING. But here are some cute pics from our fun day.

Kevin being a dork.....but so much fun.... hahaha

Monday, June 15, 2009

Help me!

So things are going well in my life. I am usually with Kevin and kids and no one else really sees me. However, I am realizing that I am not very creative when it comes to dinner. So may dear friends and readers I am soliciting your assistance. What are some good dinner ideas and some things that a 4 year old will eat. Cause some ideas that I think are great she won't touch. Any help would be appreciated! Love you all. Oh and Kevin is still treating me like a princess and I LOVE it!