Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So we were suppose to leave for Puerto Vallarta the morning after we got married. We were just going to be staying at home that night. So some sweet friends actually decorated my house with candles and rose petals. It was so nice.
Kevin works for Skywest airlines so we get to fly with Delta and United. We decided to take Delta to Mexico because it had a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta. However, some how there was a mix up and I wasn't listed with Delta and there was no one available to help us because it was a saturday. So we went and hung out with Kevin's family because they were having a lunch for father's day. Then we decided to see if we could get to PV on Sunday. We took United to San Fransico because we weren't sure if we could make it down here and we could just hang out there if we didn't. Luckily after waiting for a while we made it to PV. I was a little excited so I took a picture when I saw the sign.

We have a time share program and had a timeshare we could stay in there. Here are some of the pictures of where we stayed. The first is a view from our balcony.

The first night we just went and hung out on the beach and relaxed.

Monday we hung out in the town. We went to the flea market, saw the cathedral down town and went to dinner at Pipa's a local favorite.

On Tuesday morning we went to a canopy zip line. I was really nervous for the first one but after that was great. There were 12 total zip lines. You would go on one and then walk to the next and go again. Some were long others were short. It was really fun and the view was amazing of PV.

We came back and took a nap and then that evening we had tickets for the Rhythm of the night where we had a nice candle light dinner and then saw a native dance show. We took a boat out and back and of course they had to try and entertain us. Plus they had an open bar so there were plenty of drunk people on the boat.

On Wednesday we went out on a boat to go snorkeling and then go to Yelapa which is a samll village were you can only get to it from the water. There are no roads to it. We went snorkeling and it was really enjoyable. I got out of the water but Kevin was still snorkeling. Then he got sea sick and we just sat on the beach after so he could recover.

We had a great time and made it back safe and sound. YEAH! I am married! And he is an amazing man. I am grateful for the time that we had together in Mexico. Then we came back to real life.


Melissa said...

What a fun honeymoon! So glad you are married too :)