Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wedding prep

My sweet mother in law was good enough to make the wedding cake and it was wonderful. My brother-in-law watches Cake Boss on TLC and was sure that he could make the cake. She let him help but he didn't get to do it all. Here are a couple of pictures of them. The cake also had flowers on it but they weren't put on until the open house. Danni was so excited about the cake because she actually got to help make it. She helped mix it and pour it into pans and bake it.

The girls and I got our hair done the morning of the wedding. Makayla had decided exactly what she wanted for her hair. She wanted three braids that went back into one. Danniqa got an updo with a tiara in it. And I got my finger waves...but I had to sit under the dryer for forever, and sit on phone books to make it work. Julie was great and came with us to help entertain the girls while I was sitting there.